Dive Boat Insurance for PADI Americas Members


  What do you want when you buy dive boat insurance?  
  Coverage designed exclusively for PADI members.
An experienced insurance team known in the dive industry.
Knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives.


  Why PADI-endorsed Dive Boat Insurance?  
  The PADI endorsed Dive Boat Insurance Program offers these benefits:  
  • Option to include crew coverage on board the vessel or in the water
  • Option to include Professional liability for Divers in the water


  Emergencies are personal – your insurance team should be personal too.  
  Not all insurance policies offer the same coverage or service. Take comfort knowing that you have coverage backed by a team of experienced professionals you know and trust. For the past 38 years, the team of PADI and Vicencia & Buckley have worked together to support International Resort and Retailer Associations Members through the most challenging times.  


  24 hour access to the Full-Time Risk Management Team  
  Have confidence in your insurance company and know that they are there when you call. Professional and personal assistance is only a phone call away:  
  • 24 hour phone and fax access - even on nights, weekends and holidays
  • Immediate access to legal counsel when needed
  • Toll-free and available in the US, Mexico and Canada
  Personal care is only the beginning…  

Find out why you should purchase PADI-endorsed insurance. To receive a quote customized to your business needs, simply complete an application and submit to Vicencia & Buckley - A Division of HUB International at
+1 714 739 3188,
or apply online.
Have questions? Call us at
(800) 223 9998 or
+1 714 739 3177.




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